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The ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats is a significant concern for all digitized firms. With precious data and brand reputation at stake, it's crucial not only to combat threats but also to shield yourself from them. However, this protection often comes with a hefty price tag, from staffing costs to often ineffective software. This is where SOC security services step in, offering comprehensive protection without breaking the bankThat is where we stand apart.

Perydot provides you with the best of class cyber security facilities that monitor and also manage security breaches and incoming ransomware and cyber threats. All of this at nothing but at a penny of what providers will give you. Have a look at the services we provide.



Perydot’s SOC security services provide a thorough process of identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.

We identify important assets and data using our identity function of asset management, risk management strategy, supply chain risk management and a lot more.Our protection tools cover much of your technical and physical security constraints using our functions of access control management, data security, information protection processes and procedures, maintenance and other protective technologies.Detect and alert your system whenever there is an oncoming threat with our detection tools. get the best route to responding to those threats and thn improve your cyber resilience using our recovery tools that are useful for recovery planning improvements and communications. Trust our SOC security services for thorough protection.

Our cybersecurity framework protects every bit of organization information using not limited to below solutions.



The SOC system at Perydot provides streamlining of security assets, automation of response and providing comprehensive reporting. 

From the complete integration with all SIEM to covering all SOC tasks including reporting and dashboards, Perydot’s SOC management system, SOC Security Services has it all. Get an industry scale service with a holistic workflow that has a minimum response time and a redundant infrastructure. get 24x7x365 detection and response. Free up staff to get more business-intensive tasks done and leave the nitty gritty work to us. vulnerability scanning and endpoint security has never been easier.



Activate and deploy anti-virus protection with the push of a button using Perydot’s world-class anti-virus and anti-malware software.

A simple, expandable, and multi-device reach software, protects your devices connected to your network. Save yourself from breaches, data loss, and malicious ransomware attacks with our SOC security services. Our frequently updated, auto-adaptable software stays ahead of all attacks. With a response time of nanoseconds, ward off attacks and catch them off-guard, even in the planning stage. Think of a web of cushioning around your software against all viral and ransomware attacks.

Perydot provides solution to covers all the devices be it:



Automate patching across all softwares using our infamous Software Patch Management tools.

Protect all endpoint devices, from mobile phones to point-of-sale card machines connected to your server. Our solution works across multiple platforms, patching hundreds of applications. With scalable architecture, it caters to enterprises of all sizes, ensuring compliance with real-time reports. Plus, access on-the-go patch management from your smartphones with our SOC security services.

Automated Software update recognition & approval matrix
Automated software patches recognition & approval matrix
Single click of updates & patches deployment
Unified view of Software, Updates & Patch compliances across organization



Get maximum terminal security using Perydot’s ATM security tools.

To enforce the regulatory compliance put forward by the RBI, get the maximum level of security and compliance using our tools. Everyday the government releases new security policies, operating procedures, corporate IT standards and regulations. use our tools to ensure the greatest degree of visibility and control.

Perydot’s ATM terminal security tools have integrated industry scale



Get effective change tracking in all environments, of all sizes.

Whether it be granular changes in the file systems or extraction of an entire directory structure, Perydot’s File Integrity Management tools will do it all for you. With a preset profile for monitoring boundaries, it becomes easier for you to monitor the appropriate practices of vendor-recommended guidelines and audit requirements. get a robust holistic and proactive change detection engine that has the lowest response time with impromptu logging. Perydot provides you with a flexible architecture that fits enterprises of all profiles and covers an extensive environment. it is self-updated and be assured that you will only get the latest and secure software with a self-healing property as well.

As opposed to other security measures, FIM solutions are specifically designed to monitor changes in files. The software typically takes a “snapshot” of your system, and then periodically compares that to the system’s current state. When it detects changes to files that suggest unauthorized intrusion (like sudden size changes or access by specific users), it can alert IT or act to minimize the threat.

Protect your reputation, money and data against malicious attacks using our world-class technologies. be absolutely untouchable with Perydot, more power to you.

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