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In this digital transformation era, data protection & Analytics is of utmost importance. Millions of sensitive data put your firm at a greater risk of exposure and hefty fines once exposed. Hackers are getting more sophisticated with their techniques and softwares. protect your firm from targeted attacks and devastating data loss by deploying Perydot’s extensive data protection solutions.

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AI robot

Whether it be small or large scale, robust data protection is crucial to any business. benefit from the new AI tools to prevent unplanned downtime of your system that harm business runtime and production.

Perydot provide Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to secure and lockdown your sensitive data. iut is extremely important for enterprises that gather, store, analyse and operate through data. Harness the power of AI and continuous ML models to provide analysis to the IT staffing of your firm. Get this prescriptive approach and save millions of bucks in compensation and fine loss. Become cyber resilient using our extensive and top-notch tools. 



Track, measure and forecast the performance of your automation process using RPA to propel it to the next level. 

Peryot provides one of the best RPA analytics packages. Customize or receive a pre-designed library of curated dashboards integrated with robots, processes and queues. Business impact of your automations can be calculated, in addition to time and money. with self-service and custom RPA reportings, share your analytic results quickly with stakeholders of your firm and be more efficient than ever. Hype up business and save precious time and money with Perydot’s RPA automation and analytics. 



Tackle data management and protection struggles using our resources at Perydot.

With hybrid cloud we also provide cloud data protection. being more important than ever it is necessary that you take care of who and from where your data is being accessed and modified. Protect your data where you have multi-cloud, multi-cloud environments and multiple access. Perydot’s cloud data management tool supports on-premise workloads, Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). all of this on a single interface. Give inter-platform fluid data movement and flexibility. Our services will also give you operational efficiency and business acceleration by driving automation, security and data reuse. 

Perydot enables any organization to achieve unparalleled data availability, visibility, automation, and governance across data centers, at the edge and in the cloud. Click on each of the capabilities to learn more about their unique solutions.​

Built-in Intelligence for Complete Visibility Across Your Environment

Always Vigilant

Built-in AI to resolve common infrastructure and software misconfigurations before impact.

Know Where you Stand

Always know your data protection posture with consistent monitoring and reporting.

Plan for the Future

Gain visibility into your data costs to forecast utilization rates and resource requirements.

Protected against ransomware

Deploy 100% protection with the highest level of backup isolation.

Better control

Mitigate risks through built-in auditing and data control reporting.

Effortless Reporting

Ensure compliance requirements with rigorous reporting and actionable documentation.

Take Compliance in Stride

Isolate testing for patches and upgrades eliminates production impact.

Backup, Restore and Protect Critical Data Across any Cloud with no Lock-in

Portability and Recovery

Easy portability and recovery of workloads to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Massive Storage Savings

Reduce storage costs via automated data retention to the cloud.

Flexibility, your Way

Support of AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud means no vendor lock-in..

Intelligent Recovery Orchestration and Data Re-use

Data Re-use

Re-use trapped backup data, driving business innovation. development and analytics faster.

Orchestrate your Data:

Ensure continuity and resilience at any scale with extensible DR and data orchestration.

Be Recoverable Always

Achieve all your data protection SLA’s via dynamic testing against RTO and RPO targets.



Data Backup and Recovery: Perydot makes sure you don’t lose data in case of malfunctioning and saves your firm from collapse using our cream-of-the-cream tools.

Get multiple or a singular virtual private server to host all you need. With a scalable hybrid cloud that has low setup and operational costs, get more security, space and savings in your pockets. It is dedicated and designed to meet your enterprise’s future needs and size. the data is secured and backed up by the most airtight recovery system. Our tools will give you industry-scale backup space and impressive backup speed and frequency. it is stored in a space safe, free of any leaks or viruses. it’s simple to use and an understanding interface will give you the simplest experience with lesser staffing and brainwork.

Be Always Available with the Confidence You Can Recover from Any Situation Fast.

Backup flexibility

Protect your data and storage wherever it resides – SaaS, cloud, virtual or physical.

Experience Near-zero RPO’s and RTO’s

Implement a confident DR strategy including verified protection for critical assets.

Gain Instant Recovery

Keep availability high and your business running through instant recovery of your workloads.

Protect Everything

Recover Fast. Intelligent application, file, virtual server, and NAS backup ensures no data is lost

Keep your business up and running with our backup tools. increase your outreach, production and computational ease without analytic tools. In simple words, Perydot helps you with all and everything that is needed to surge you upto the top standards of the business world. 

Reach excellence with Perydot. 

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In today's world of massive data explosion, it has become extremely critical to consolidate and churn unstructured data into meaningful business decision making to help businesses achieve expected outcomes.

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