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Better to be Safe than Sorry

Why learn from harm when you can prevent it altogether? Data is the new currency driving the digital economy and fueling organizational growth. Implementing robust data protection solutions is not just a business strategy; it’s the heart and soul of your business ecosystem. A single oversight can cost a fortune and irreparably damage your reputation in the market, eroding customer trust over the long term. That’s why it’s crucial to enlist the best soldiers to safeguard your empire, ensuring your organization’s and user data remains safe, secure, protected, and available at all times.

We are here to protect and secure your sensitive data with white-glove handling be it on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or on hybrid/multi cloud environment with capex to opex based consume model.

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A wide range of cost-effective solutions are there for you to choose from.

Backup and Recovery

No need to fuss over pesky bugs, component failure and unplanned outages snuffing out your data. We provide pristine, tight and scalable backup spaces for all your precious data and all-encompassing recovery tools.

Data Privacy

There are millions of cyber threats out there, ready to steal your data. Protect yourself from corruption using our Data Security solutions. Keep your data private with our industry scale privacy tools. Our tools will let you enhance data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Prevent heft fines and recovery costs by warding off ransomware attacks. Strengthen your security posture.

Compliance Solutions

When you are having a hard time keeping your data organized and in-line with strict government regulations, remember us. Our compliance based solutions make it cakewalk to help you prevent modification of data, unauthorized infiltration and exposure. We give you the power of data-at-rest encryption, logging, access control, and brick authorization in the form of world-leading solutions.

Cloud Data Management

Backup & Replication

Backup Modernization

Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Data Security and Compliance

Ransomware Protection

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Data being new currency to the economy, leave no stone unturned to protect data privacy. Use our established Data Protections Solutions to ensure customer trust.

Lock up your data with the leading solution providers

With our team of leading data protection and security professionals and platform providers, be absolutely assured that we will enhance your backup and recovery, expedite cloud adoption and enable scale automation with data availability.

Partner up with the aces with data as a weapon to ensure organization has upper edge.

Professional Services

Services to help design, build, manage and automate IT operations.

Digital Transformation

DC Refresh or Modernization, on Premise DC to Public Cloud or Multi Cloud making it Hybrid Cloud.