Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Ensuring Business Continuity, Agility, and Choices through Digital Transformation Services

There are a number of reasons that a business may undergo digital transformation, but by far, the most likely reason is that they have to. It’s being relevant for many in the rapidly changing technology world.

CEOs & CIOs worried about their company’s and their own relevance should focus on securing market share by getting company-wide support and collaboration to get digital transformation right from the start. They may only get one chance and may cost business if missed.

But even if business leaders don’t believe they have to transform, there are many reasons why they should consider it anyway.


Why go for digital transformation?

Data Centre

Data centre transformation is the foundation and most essential aspect of any digitised firm. To keep up with the fast-paced market, we need to constantly update our applications, expand our cloud footprints which increases IT agility and reduces time to market, cost. Whether it be building a new in-house data centre or to build hybrid/multi-cloud ecosystems, Perydot, as Digital Transformation Services provider, provides it all. Get a clean, protected, and crisp computational range for all your data and business proceedings. Low upfront investments, relieving you of operational or staffing challenges, save costs, swift security fixes and greater scalability, agility, choices, and many other benefits your firm deserves.

Simplifying solutions in a complex technological world with greater control.

High Performance Computing as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup as a Service

Storage as a Service

Dedicated Private Cloud

Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud

Dedicated PC
Enterprise Virtual PC

Digital Workspace

To keep up with the fast paced market, you need to be able to work from any location and on any device at any time. Perydot provides you with the solution to your lagging ancient workspace. Deliver data and applications securely from any corner around the world. Crisp, secure and fast, work your way to success all the while while stacking up on your savings.

Workspace beyond boundaries to deliver greater business results.

Desktop as a

Device as a Service

Network as a Service

Endpoint Backup as a Service

Contact Center Solutions

VDI Solutions

Contact Center Solutions
VDI Solutions

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We focus mainly on the infrastructure foundation of digital transformation, data centre and workplace transformation. Two very impactful areas that push your business to the top of the bunch. Enhance your firm’s output and work pace.

Perydot, Transformation Solutions for Digital World and Success .

Professional Services

Services to help design, build, manage and automate IT operations.

Digital Transformation

DC Refresh or Modernization, on Premise DC to Public Cloud or Multi Cloud making it Hybrid Cloud.