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Software and licensing non-compliances may cause millions to organizations and its reputation.

In today's fast-paced digital world, data protection solutions have become an essential requirement for businesses. With the increasing amount of sensitive data being generated and stored, organizations need to prioritize the security and privacy of their information. Implementing robust data protection solutions ensures that data is encrypted, backed up regularly, and remains secure from potential threats such as unauthorized access, data breaches, or loss. By investing in these solutions, businesses can safeguard their valuable data assets and maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

What should be top of mind is marketing your product in the way that buyers want to buy it. Most sectors are now buyer's markets, so solutions that provide the flexibility that customers have grown to expect have a higher chance of distinguishing out.

When it comes to selling software or any internet-connected hardware device, it’s really no different. And that all-important flexibility, and customer satisfaction, can be achieved through software licensing done right, cutting edge software licensing enables you to capture new revenue opportunities while keeping your existing customers from churning.


In the enterprise IT infra architecture, software and licenses contribute more than hardware and technology in most of the cases with high risk software compliances, hence it is one of the most critical component to be looked at.

Perydot can provide software & licenses of premier OEMs and partners like Microsoft, Redhat, Vmware, Oracle, Nutanix, Citrix, Veeam and many others in ICT space.



Data Center Virtualization & Technologies, VDI, MDM, EDR, SDWAN, and many more…


Data Center Virtualization & Technologies, Security, DevOps, Desktop-as-a-Service and many more…
DC Colocation Services


Data Center Technologies, Virtualization, Middleware Technologies, Enterprise Systems and many more…

DC Colocation Services


Data Management, Backup & Replication, Orchestration, Analytics and many more…
DC Colocation Services


Database, Java, Linux, MYSQL, Analytics and many more…


Digital Workspaces, VDI, Analytics, Content Collaboration, UEM, Security and many more…

Software licensing creates flexibility – something your customers and the changing nature of the digital marketplace demand. It’s the gateway to implementing subscription-based billing models and securing recurring revenue. It’s the tool that allows you to diversify your products and packages and create maximum profits from your existing offerings, the secret weapon that helps you distinguish yourself from your competition. In short, innovative and creative licensing models are what fuels digital business transformations.

Perydot can help you choose one of the best licensing models, and explore how they enhance the customer experience, increase business agility, create the opportunity for revenue acceleration, and still bring better cost control & compliances to your firm.

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